Fresh Start

Happy Monday! It's been awhile but after some much needed time away, I'm back and exciting to be connecting with other runners, bloggers and healthy living/fitness enthusiasts. I've created a new space for myself on the web and I am thrilled with how it turned out (thanks, Tiffany for your awesome creativity!). If you're new to my blog you can check out my old space on the web here and if your new to my blog, welcome! Thanks for following along. I am a runner, wife, soon-to-be mama and love all things Disney and running. My favorite things in life are family, friends, food and fitness (in no particular order).

I have started so many new chapters in my life recently (marriage, pregnancy) that I wanted my blog to reflect a new adventure as well. Fresh start, fresh space. If you're wondering why I stopped blogging/tweeting the answer is simple: sometimes you have to walk away from something to realize how much you miss it and what a big part of your life it is! I have really missed following the adventures of other runners.  I might not blog as consistently as others but I'm happy to have a space and a place to post my running, pregnancy, and life adventures - whenever that may be. Thanks for following my adventure and happy running! :)